“President Theodore Roosevelt Sargent Reproduction | 1st Art Gallery.” Oil Painting Reproductions from 1st Art Gallery, http://www.1st-art-gallery.com/John-Singer-Sargent/President-Theodore-Roosevelt.html.
Uribe, Jake. “Inktober Day 2: Harambe #Harambe #Inktober #inktober2016 #Gorilla #Endangered #Ink #Art #Drawing #Traditionalart #Blackandwhite #Meme #Memes Pic.twitter.com/ACuhZVMJgM.” Twitter, Twitter, 2 Oct. 2016, twitter.com/solitary_snake/status/782705301782880256.
For starters I picked my graduation picture because it takes me back to a very proud and happy moment in my life. There, I had no worries and only had the future ahead of me so It is a picture that speaks a lot to me. Also My graduation picture speaks a lot about who I am. Typically people wear ties that aren’t flashy or don’t mean anything but I wore a tie from How I met Your Mother. It was Barney’s ducky tie that I love and just by wearing it I can show what my personality is. For the body I used the body of Theodore Roosevelt because it was the nicest paintings of a president in my opinion. I love the portrait painting from back in the day and to become one is an opportunity I wouldn’t miss. Finally the Harambe in the bottom of my jacket. I picked to put him in this picture because I am someone that loves memes and is very involved in the meme community so it was fair to put Harambe in the picture. A trouble I had with this picture is that I was in a portrait shot and not a square so in order to fix that I simply put a wood background.

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