Free write


“This is sometimes called comic’s ‘all-at-onceness,’ or its ‘symphonic effect.’ In comics, reading can happen in all directions; this open-endedness, and attention to choice in how one interacts with the pages, is part of the appeal of comics narrative”


Especially in Maus part II many of the pages when you first open then stand out by themselves. The attention in these pages will most likely interest the reader in the page as a whole other then individual panels. For example, page number 51 is one that stands out a lot because in the center piece you have an aerial view of auschwitz. This page is a great example of the “all-at-onceness” that is mentioned in the quote because the most likely scenario that takes place when reading this page is starting from the center and then move out. Or immediately at the start of chapter two. You will probably start looking at the big image of the flies in the bottom and then go up from there. This idea in comics that you don’t have to read from left to right. This is something that is really exemplified in Maus.



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